Case Vacanze "Lu Stazzu"
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  • The region of Anglona is mountainous, with volcanic tables of around 500m in height and vast areas of limestone rock. The unique coastal line has been eroded by wind, rain and sea over millennia into forms which stimulate the imagination – the “Elephant” rock formation just outside Castelsardo is an example of this.

roccia dell'elefante campanile casterlsardo


  • The inland villages – Sedini and Nulvi – are mainly agropastoral, with olive groves and sheep farming the mainstays, while the economies of the coastal villages are more reliant on seasonal tourism and fishing.
    In Sedini, it is worth visiting the “Domus de Janas”, referred to simply as “The rock” by locals. This tall limestone cliff has been excavated since prehistoric times by the people of the village, who used it for a variety of purposes, including burial, and its imposing shape has been a silent witness to the history of the village

domus de janas sedini Chiesa dell'Assunta Nulvidomus de janas sedini


Some of the nicest beaches in northern Sardinia are within five minutes of Littigheddu. Valledoria has around 7km of coast, with long, wide beaches stretching towards Badesi, the isola Rossa and the amazing scenery of Costa Paradiso.
The area is also known for its numerous discos and restaurants, including the Sax and Vogue in Castelsardo, the Mabibba in Valledoria, Coc Codrillus in Isola Rossa, Koku in Costa Paradiso and Estasi’s in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Other entertainment includes several waterparks: Aqua Fantasy in Isola Rossa and Water Paradise in Sorso Sorso if you want to spend your day having fun with fellow fun-seekers. Sedini – the nearest village – has all essential services: bank, post office, doctor, chemist, church, patisserie and other shops.


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